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The fishing village of Polperro

Tweet   Polperro is a small fishing village with a pretty harbour which faces south-west towards the Atlantic. We arrived here at the end of winter when the place seemed dead. The atmosphere of peace and silence was so that …

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“Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Scotney Castle

Tweet   In the County of Kent in England, there is an island on a small lake with a classic medieval castle called Scotney; it is surrounded by a ditch and a 19th century picturesque park. The first person to …

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Is Stonehenge the temple of the sun?

Tweet Once a year, on the day of the summer solstice, Stonehenge, the temple of the sun, an architectural complex of stone monoliths in Wiltshire, changes into a fairy tale, a beautiful cascade of candles are lighted along the track …

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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The year of the snake

Tweet   Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means your family will not starve. The Snake is keen and cunning, quite intelligent and wise. The Chinese New Year is celebrated all …

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