My name is Alla. I am the person that writes the articles on This is to let you know that I like travelling and looking for something unusual in this world. I have only been to 17 countries so far. In the last few years together with my partner and friend we started to explore England, we visited more then 100 cities and towns in the south and have come across many beautiful places and nature reserves.  This site is about my impressions of the different histories, legends and beauty in these towns both in England and abroad.

Why do we like traveling? We do not travel simply to see new towns and landscapes but to make new friends, take photos and experience the adventure of exploring new places. We also try to learn new cultures, languages, traditions and most of all understand the subtleness of this world, to feel the spirit of the different places and to remember where we come from and why we are on this planet.

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If you would like to share your own experiences, and if you wish to tell the world about some ridiculous or interesting event you’ve been involved in, I will gladly publish your informative article, especially if it is accompanied with some interesting photos. Please note that all articles will be vetted to comply with the conditions of my site before publishing.


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