The Cookham floods


Cookham (2)Cookham is a pretty little village in the Thames Valley that was a royal manor in 965 when owned by King Edgar, whose residence was located in Old Windsor, prior to Windsor Castle being built. Today the village has a special English character with many medieval houses scattered among some wonderful large properties.

In the valley of the Thames there are many conservation areas and lots of paths ideal for hiking especially around this area where the river is very close to the village.

This winter of 2013/14, due to the continuous rain for three weeks or more, the village was flooded for over two months. This brought a lot of flood tourists with cameras to the village, including myself.

Although I enjoyed taking photographs, I could not help but feel sorry for the people who were affected by this natural disaster.

I am sharing my photos on here not only because of the beautiful landscapes that have been created by the water but for the picturesque streets with their unique cottages.

NB. Cookham has been ranked as the second most expensive village in Britain by The Telegraph, where the average value of property exceeds the million pound mark.

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