Floods in England

flood in England (17)2013 has been the windiest and wettest year since records began over100 years ago.

In December 2013 we had the stormiest weather ever with winds of 90 miles per hour and waves of 30 feet on the sea, river levels were at least 3 meters higher than normal and lots of fields were completely under water.

In England you cannot avoid talking about the weather because all our transport systems depend on it, too many leaves on the railway lines, tunnel flooded, roads blocked with fallen trees, airports closed because of high winds, etc.

Depending on how you travel or where you live you could have a terrible time or not be affected at all. Humans cannot compete with nature, they can only try and cope with it as best as they can but these natural elements and the changing weather creates a beauty on the landscape that has to be admired.

Here is a selection of photographs taken recently of floods in the Thames valley.

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