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Christmas and New Year celebrations Every year during Christmas time and New Year, I like to photograph the streets and shop windows in different towns and cities of the UK. This year, walking around London and many other towns, I noticed that most decorations were not as pretty as previous years, most were the same or a lot smaller. But one day, whilst traveling to East Anglia, we came across a small cottage, which was transformed into a fairyland by the private owner. This is something a lot of people do in the UK.

Christmas and New Year celebrations In one part of greater London there was an unusual Christmas tree Christmas and New Year celebrations that surprised us by the ingenuity of its designers. Can you guess what it is made of at first glance? Well! it is made from empty plastic water bottles. In the afternoon without any lights it looks pretty weird but at night with colored lights this funny tree looks absolutely great. 

Another “Christmas tree” I managed to photograph was in a town called Ipswich.

And here’s a selection of traditional shop displays and decorations in and around the west end of London. From Harrods to Regent street and Piccadilly to Soho.

Finally, if you have taken any interesting Christmas photos of your area and wish to share them with other appreciative followers of, please email them to me and I will publish the best ones on the site.

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