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Happy New Year

Tweet   Wishing all my readers a very Happy New Year. Hope to bring you more lovely stories and travel information in 2014 Alla   Pin It

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The enchanted woodland

Tweet Enchanted forests exist in fairytales and folklore. Magical wonders, Nymphs, Fairies, and little people abound in these forests. We find them in The Fire bird, Snow white, and many other imaginary stories but a real magical forest appears every …

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La belle Boulogne

Tweet If you have a free day why not book a day trip to La belle France ! For a few pounds you can get a return ticket to Calais and catch a ferry for a duration of 24 hours. Get to …

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Rochester and the chimney sweep’s festival

Tweet The real home of the chimney sweep is Denmark because this is where for the first time in history chimneys were swept in 1639 at the castle of the Danish King. This started a trend to clean chimneys all …

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The most romantic form of flying

Tweet Since the first hot air balloons were invented more than 200 years ago. They have remained the most romantic form of flying to this day. The town of Theodosia in Crimea is the only place in the Ukraine, where …

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