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Who are the Montgolfiers?


Who are the Montgolfiers?Who are the Montgolfiers? There are many unique communities of different ages and professions in the world. The Hot air balloon community is the only people that can boast with pride that they “touched” the clouds, floated in a gondola at the height of a bird’s flight and touched the tops of trees with a basket. There are so many stories being told, both ridiculous and extreme that a “normal” person simply cannot believe them but if they do, they will I am sure rush without hesitation to register with a team of balloonists so as to experience these events for themselves. Continue reading

Love stories of Basildon


Love stories of BasildonAdmirers of Charles Dickens will remember Bill Sykes’s the rascally and cruel character in the novel “Oliver Twist”. But not many people may know that there was an archetype of this literary hero. Bill Sykes – the grandson of sir Francis Sykes who made his fortune in India. Many stories are known about how this English aristocrat made his fortune and not always from a moral aspect. In 1769 he came back from India and became a Member of Parliament, he bought the magnificent estate of Basildon in Berkshire. The history of which went back quite a few centuries giving the owners a classic sense of historical meaning. Continue reading

Postcard from London

Postcard from London We mapped a route to make a lovely day out in London. There are many beautiful places which need to be visited; unfortunately this cannot all be done in one day. This is one of the best ways we could think of acquainting you with some sights of London which can be visited as a pedestrian in one day. We chose parts of the West End that are frequently visited by most tourists.

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Historical events of Crimea


Historical events in CrimeaHaving lived in Crimea for a time, I was able to explore some of the sites that have made history during the last 200 years. Looking into some of the past history, we find that the the nursing profession was started in Crimea by an English woman called Florence Nightingale during the wars between the British and the Russians.

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The lord, who invented the sandwich


The lord, who invented the sandwichIn the county of Kent in South-east England lies the town of Sandwich which is not only well-known for its unique architecture of medieval buildings but also for its namesake the sandwich. Here you can imagine old times as you walk through street upon street of medieval buildings. This town contains more medieval buildings than anywhere else in Europe. You will not find another town with so many houses made of a timber frame construction which give this town its characteristic color.

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